There’s an abundance of quality travel guides available, but none that focus on engaging elementary school students who want to learn some green travel tips for the foreign country they are visiting with their family. Therefore, Greenloons has developed an informational kid green travel guide to Costa Rica designed for children in elementary school.

Kid Travel Guide Costa Rica

This guide contains information about Costa Rica’s geography, history, and ecology. It incorporates some critical thinking, scavenger hunt and scrapbooking exercises all with an environmentally-conscious theme as well as some typical Spanish phrases. Lastly, there are additional resources referenced so kids can conduct further research on a green topic that is of interest to them.

Kids enjoying reading outside in nature

Best of all, the kid green travel guide to Costa Rica is portable, fun and easy to use!

We invite you to download this kid green travel guide, submit your comments, and contact us when you are ready to plan an awesome vacation to Costa Rica.