Canyonlands National Park

During my trip to Utah, I have seen the most beautiful natural landscapes. Traveling with two other friends, we have arrived at the Canyonlands National Park at 6:30pm. The sunset was already settling in the canyon and it was too late to really admire the spectacular rock formations and the vastness of the park. We had just about 30 minutes, before all the light was gone and we were left in need for more visual beauty. The first association in my head was: this is how planet Mars must look like. I have been to Grand Canyon and Colca Canyon before, but this was the most outwardly scenery, I was ever exposed to.

We decided to spend the night at the park and wait for the morning light spectacle. It was way worth it! The colors, textures and overall beauty left us all speechless. I was able to capture the scenery and felt satisfied for the time being, although I decided to come back in the near future and spend more time in Utah, especially the Canyonlands National Park.

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