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March 2012

Eco Quito’s Proud Heritage, Natural Beauty & Artistic Majesty

Quick tour of Quito, Ecuador’s ecotourism highlights including San Francisco Church, La Compania Church, Plaza de la Independencia, Rumiloma, Escuela Taller, Tulipe, Tucanopy, Intinan Museum, Middle of the World Monument, Machachi, El Porvenir Hacienda, San...
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Sweden’s Vildmark i Värmland goes the extra sustainable tourism mile by supporting wind energy

When it comes to green travel, we could learn a lot from the Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden. Our series “how ecotourism brings about positive community changes” continues with our interview with Anders Junler, who along...
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Canyonlands National Park

During my trip to Utah, I have seen the most beautiful natural landscapes. Traveling with two other friends, we have arrived at the Canyonlands National Park at 6:30pm. The sunset was already settling in the...
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EcoCamp Patagonia exemplifies how ecotourism brings technological innovation

One of our partners, EcoCamp Patagonia, has the remarkable distinction of opening the world’s first Geodesic ecotourism accommodation. Since EcoCamp’s opening in 2000, the environmentally-conscious design concept has sprung up throughout Chile, Argentina and Switzerland....
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5 Tips for the 21st century eco-conscious traveler

    It’s tough to be an eco-traveler these days!  If you are lucky enough to get time off from work for a much-needed vacation, you have to be conscious about carbon emissions, low-impact activities,...
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Alaska Ecotourism Conserves Prince William Sound

In an effort to encourage the development of sustainable tourism in Alaska, one of our partners, Discovery Voyages, has been working with the Alaska State Parks, Chugach National Forest, National Wildlife Federation, and others to...
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Horton Plain

Horton Plain is the place wh the reby visitor can view the nature plains, forest, hills, lake, and clouds while hiking and walking through the trail. It is good for individual as well as the...
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Lonely Island

After working at a self-sustaining eco ranch in Arenal, Costa Rica, we took a trip to the beach. The untouched waters, clear blue sky, white waves rolling in, innumerable amounts of rocks as the bed...
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