I have been lucky enough to spend a lot time in the sky traveling this wonderful world. I have endured so much time in the miles above sea level that when the Reaper comes in all his glory, he will be stuck with me and my life flashback in economy. This time traveling has worked wonderful appreciation for the advantage of seeing outside of the box and embracing it. The box for a lot of people can be a comfortable place containing, local friends, family, village and city, although it is still a box. A little prison hidden in the subconscious of those that wish to awaken freedom. Freedom comes with a lot of different things in life but primarily it involves travel for me. Life is a book and if you don’t travel then you only read one page in my opinion. Lots of people in life subject themselves to a blinkered existence of familiarity only looking forward and never side ways to appreciate the view. Being blinkered is a result of becoming much like a horse in the same circumstances. A result of being institutionalized. The irony in all I have said is if you want to truly appreciate all that is on you doorstep then you must travel. You must do this to put all you have experienced and seen in comparison. Only then can you truly love all that surrounds you in the place you call home.

This spot I took the picture is what I call home. I appreciate it as I have traveled all around the world and know it’s beauty in comparison meets and succeeds. In a time of environmental concern the short walk made to get there made a non-existent carbon footprint and unlike mass tourism I took only pictures and left only footprints (none included in the picture!).

The spot is Mumbles, South Wales. The shot was taken during the cold winter and involved the best light and sunrise I have ever seen in the area. Anyone familiar with Wales understands that good light does not happen often. This coupled with the second biggest tides on the planet ensures only the keen are rewarded. The shot was taken with a 2 second exposure to smooth out the sea, with a neutral density filter to prolong the exposure and was then post produced to maximize impact.

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