Incredible Experiences Await You in the Lowcountry of South Carolina

It is such a pleasure to have a resource like Greenloons.

There is a growing number of travelers who share a passion for exploring unique and natural areas and uncovering their hidden stories.  They are sensitive about their impact on the surrounding environment and local community. These travelers look for authentic experiences that expand their minds and refreshes their outlook on the world with a new understanding of themselves and the region. They often make life long friends with others that share their values and feel a new connection with the area.  Greenloons is the ideal resource for these travelers.

Since the first days I arrived in Charleston, South Carolina and found friends of my family visiting from Barbados to talk about the historic and cultural connections between the Caribbean islands of my parents and the Carolinas, I have been immersing myself into the the natural and cultural heritage of the area.  Each adventure has uncovered amazing stories that shed light on the culture of the south and its roll in the forming who we are in the United States. Exploring the salt marshes, beaches, forests, and blackwater rivers has led to the discovery of enchanted places that most tourist will never see.  Learning to interpret nature has opened up a whole new world of discovery and understanding of the flora and fuana and the stories they tell. It has become a passion of mine to share these discoveries and teach these skills to others.

There are many incredible experiences to be had here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina.  Nature Week at the Sea View Inn provides a unique family experience in a safe, relaxed atmosphere while providing opportunities to expand a deeper understanding of the area through eco-friendly exploration. 

Some of the reasons to visit are:

  • No Crowds, noise, or rush:  The Sea View Inn is a rustic, beach side Inn, where bare-foot is the norm, located on a 4 mile long barrier Island on the SC coast, one hour north of Charleston and thirty minutes south of Myrtle Beach. There is nothing commercial here, no cell phones, computers, shopping malls, just laid-back paradise. The Inn takes extra care to be sensitive of the use of energy and water.  
  • Phenomenal Southern food: You get three delicious, meals a day of authentic southern food cooked and served by the same amazing, homegrown staff who have remained at the Inn for many, many years. The Inn makes and effort to use fresh ingredients that are locally source.  The owners and cook have even become legends with their invention of Palmetto Cheese.
  • Eco-friendly exploration and discovery: Visitors will enjoy guided day trips to explore the natural beauty in the surrounding areas and to interpret the incredible flora, fuana, and cultural heritage that most never see.  There will be kayak trips through the amazing salt-marshes to secret beaches to search for shells and other tideland treasures. There will also be expeditions of amazing black-water rivers, historic plantations, and wildlife refuges.
  • Interpretation of natural and cultural splendor.  Early rises will watch the red and purple rays of the sun rise up above the crashing waves while they search and learn about the birds and wildlife. Nights will be filled with interpretations, demonstrations, story telling, and live music.
  • Family Friendly Kids are welcome on most day trips as well as kayaking and activities designed especially for them or just enjoy the natural entertainment of the beautiful beach.  The nightly nature demonstrations and ghost stories will add to their fun. 

Come join the fun!

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