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February 2012

Practical Tips for Experiencing Ecotourism in Florida

I had the pleasure of meeting John Kiseda, Education Coordinator for Sustainability for Florida’s Lee County Parks and Recreation Department, during last September’s Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC). I was thrilled to learn from...
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I have been lucky enough to spend a lot time in the sky traveling this wonderful world. I have endured so much time in the miles above sea level that when the Reaper comes in...
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Ecoventura Provides Conservation Experience, Career Opportunities to Local Galapagos Youth

Our ecotourism conservation spotlight continues with a profile of Ecoventura, a certified sustainable tour operator in the Galapagos Islands and its pledge to sponsor 12 local student conservation experience scholarships for one Ecology Project International...
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Intrepid Foundation Aiming to Provide Alternative to Wildlife Trafficking

How do you know that your eco-travels can make a huge impact on wildlife conservation? One practical tip is to investigate exactly how much an ecotour operator is contributing toward conservation efforts. One such example...
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Incredible Experiences Await You in the Lowcountry of South Carolina

It is such a pleasure to have a resource like Greenloons. There is a growing number of travelers who share a passion for exploring unique and natural areas and uncovering their hidden stories.  They are sensitive...
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Spirit of Japan Director Speaks About Japan Environmental Record

Last September, I had the pleasure of meeting the Director of Spirit of Japan Travel, Masaru Takayama, who founded the company in February 2008 so that local communities interested in ecotourism could market directly to...
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