One year on – 5 Reasons to visit Egypt after the Arab Spring

Egypt has always captivated me not just because of the uprising that started one year ago today, but because a few generations of my family years ago lived in Alexandria, Egypt located north on the Mediterranean Sea. I grew up with stories about pashas, long walks along the Corniche, and, of course, huge family Sunday meals. While culture and heritage certainly can explain the draw for me, it is also the many natural treasures of the country that appeal to me as well.

In general, of all the countries in the Middle East, Egypt has for decades consistently received more western visitors than any other in the region. While the crowds have dissipated a bit since last year’s Arab Spring events, the sustainable tourism policies of Egypt have been forging ahead, albeit slowly.

5 reasons to consider a trip to Egypt

  1. Renewed emphasis on making Sharm El Sheikh resort area the next green spot for eco-tourists. The aim is to make the area carbon neutral by 2020.
  2. Dozens of rustic eco-lodges, including Basata, set in relatively untouched areas along the Red Sea, which is famed for its coral reefs.
  3. The new Hermopolis eco-village tourist area in Upper Egypt (south of Cairo), which aims to bring attention to the wealth of archeological sites, flora, and fauna of the region. The area up to now has been largely ignored by tourists and the goal is to create sustainable tourism projects that benefit the local community.
  4. New eco-activities around Mount Sinai. Hisham Nessim, an Egyptian who has also captured two Guinness World Records for mountain climbing, hopes to create interest in the Sinai as a tourism site for hikers, climbers, and faith travelers by climbing the peninsula’s highest peak alone.
  5. No crowds, the weather is perfect all year and the prices are low now!

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