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January 2012

What Does Eco-certification Really Mean for Travelers?

What does the term “obtained a qualified third party eco-certification” really mean to travelers? Is it a “green” seal of approval? Does it mean that a tourism supplier is also operating in a sustainable, responsible,...
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One year on – 5 Reasons to visit Egypt after the Arab Spring

Egypt has always captivated me not just because of the uprising that started one year ago today, but because a few generations of my family years ago lived in Alexandria, Egypt located north on the...
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5 Green Reasons to visit Thailand now

Ten years ago, my husband and I went to visit Thailand for our honeymoon. While we were enthralled by the vibrancy of Bangkok and the lushness of Phuket, environmental responsibility was definitely not the first...
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Tips for Selecting Authentic Ecotourism

You cannot go very far today without seeing the words green, sustainable and eco attached to attractive marketing slogans and photos for ecotourism vacation destinations.  And, within the tourism industry, where surveys have indicated that...
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Top 5 Eco-Travel Tips for Mardi Gras

It’s that time of year when winter doldrums turn to revelry and fun in New Orleans. Considered to be the biggest free show on earth, Mardi Gras or “Fat Tuesday”, signifying the last celebration before...
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Discovering Isan (North east Thailand)

We had visited Thailand twice before, but on our last trip in December we wanted to experience something different, going local and getting away from the overdeveloped tourist centres. Having been recommended a Thai holiday...
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A New Year’s wish – Celebrating life’s twists and turns on Alonissos, Greece

Like many of us during this time of year, I love taking the time to reflect on how well my plans compared to reality, and, more importantly, how grateful I am for the little surprises...
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