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November 2011

Community Empowerment From Social Entrepreneur in Sierra Gorda (en espanol)

When you travel to a new region or land in the world, there is always an experience that sticks with you. It could be something ordinary, such as a brief moment of complete relaxation when...
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Green 4 Star Hotels in the Lake District

Thinking of the environment and being environmentally conscious needn’t stop when taking a holiday. Many hotels and leisure complexes are leading the way in the environmental stakes by lowering their carbon footprint. Many businesses are...
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Advantages for Traveling With a Expert Guide Versus Independently

Perhaps it’s the American mindset of independence, but the concept of working with an expert guide is not as popular for seasoned travelers. I admit that for many years, I was of the belief that...
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Staying Healthy During Holiday Travels

It’s that time of year when the endless stream of security lines, travel stresses, colds and viruses, and Holiday joys are more than you can stand.  Here are some tips for staying healthy and maybe...
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Top 10 tips to jumpstart your ecotourism career

Updated August 16, 2018 A few days ago, a recent college graduate, Jessica McGarry, submitted her story on the Community section of Greenloons detailing her educational credentials, passion for the environment and professional experience within...
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Jordan Ecotourism Highlights (Radio Broadcast)

Listen as our founder, Irene, speaks with the host of the Azumano Travel Show (Portland, Oregon) about the variety of top Jordan ecotourism sites including the Dead Sea, Petra, and Jerash. 5-minute radio show segment was broadcasted...
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5 Ways to Ready Your Child for Global Travel

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Irene Lane the founder of Greenloons, a site geared to educate and navigate you and your family through the confusing and often, misleading world of eco-tourism. While we feel that our...
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Recent Tourism Graduate Wants To Enter Ecotourism Industry

I was contacted by a recent tourism graduate (in tourism and the environment) who was interested in entering the ecotourism industry. I have provided her letter below in the hopes of providing some inspiration to...
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10 Tips for NOT Looking Like a Tourist

One of my most favorite moments during a vacation comes when another tourist asks me (or my husband) for directions.  That gesture represents a couple of concepts to me.  First, it means that we do not look...
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