Top 5 Reasons Children Need to Keep an Eco-Travel Journal

How can an eco travel journal help children use the written word as a barometer of their perspective and feelings?  In the age of constant connectivity, gaming, sound bite learning, and online videos, it can be quite hard to attract a child’s interest much less attention to keep a (gasp) written journal about their vacation adventures.

However, just as it is important to relax and enjoy their new eco-experiences, eco-travel journals also expose children to use the written word as a barometer of their perspective and feelings, which may be a habit they develop and use all their lives.  Here are some other advantages to keeping an eco-travel journal:

  • Allows children write their first impressions of what they see, hear and taste as well as about the people they meet – and judge if their first impressions were accurate
  • Makes science come to life since children can draw or take pictures of their favorite plants or animals and explain why it is so different from plants and animals found at home
  • Enforces math lessons with information about temperature, climate, local money, and currency conversion
  • Enables to children to some practice words and phrases of the local language
  • Can share their experiences with family and friends after the trip

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