Top 10 Advantages for ECHN Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature

Learning how to use and teach the science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) enables your family to tap into the natural attraction wisdom, love and spirit that guides the natural world in purity and balance,….including humanity.

ECHN gives your family a holistic path to increased happiness and well-being because it helps each family member:

  1. Sooth and restore excessively stressed natural senses and helps family members help others do the same.
  2. Improve mental health by letting conscious sensory contact with nature recycle polluted thoughts and feelings.
  3. Increase their sensitivities and sensibilities at home, work or school.
  4. Backyard or backcountry, benefit from the unifying powers of moments in nature that let Earth teach.
  5. Create naturally balanced whole-life relationships that increase learning ability and reduce disorders.
  6. Learn how to think and feel like nature’s purifying and restorative ways work.
  7. Gain green financial and social rewards by practicing an organic form of psychology.
  8. Connect with powerful ECHN energies to enhance meditation, yoga and spirituality.
  9. Enjoy support and guidance from an online and/or local community of ECHN participants.
  10. Ground every aspect of family life in the health and wellness of nature’s self-correcting essence.

EDUCATING, COUNSELING AND HEALING WITH NATURE offers subsidized holistic courses, degrees and careers.  Strengthen your life and livelihood by greening it.   Enable the restorative powers of nature’s amazing grace to help us all, hand in hand, walk Mother Earth’s path to balance, sustainability and well being.

Project NatureConnect   P. O. Box 1605 Friday Harbor, WA 360-378-6313

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