Solar Recharging The Responsible Way!

Sun energy is powerful! That is what my 6 year old son said to me in amazement after it took a short 30 minutes using the renewable energy source of the sun for solar recharging the iPod we were using during our vacation.

We had just received our new S-Charger before our summer trip to Greece and I was keen on being able to charge my Android and iPod without keeping track of all the adaptors and hopefully not needing any electricity. Well, this solar charger did the trick!

It’s about the size of a CD-case and only requires the USB charging cord to connect.  According to its website, the S-Charger contains a 5 watt compact solar charge that enables one to both charge and actually run at the same time an iPod, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, eReader, or game device and even an iPad.  I definitely found this to be true for the iPod and Android.

Given that bright, sunny days were plentiful throughout our ecotourism trip to Greece and it was a working vacation for me, I had occasion to use the S-Charger every day and it came through.  Ever the multi-tasker, I even brought it to the beach with me one day to charge the Android while I splashed around in the crystal clear waters.

It took a bit longer to charge my Android phone (about 1 hour), but I have to admit that sometimes I would see a shadow languishing over the unit.  Also, I was unable to charge my iPod if it was completely dead without giving it an electrical kick start for 5 minutes.  So, I would recommend keeping the charger directly in the sun with a towel or shirt (over the iPod) to keep the device from overheating, and plugging in the solar charger when you have about 20% of power left.

If you are headed to a sunny spot and want to keep in touch or keep your music close at hand, I would recommend the S-Charger.

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