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July 2011

Does Ecotourism Help Communities? Perspective from Mexico

Tourism is the largest industry in the world and as such has the power to greatly benefit communities and elevate people’s standards of living. I had an opportunity to ask Enrique Valdes Garcia, who is...
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Panama Green Travel, Vacations Can Help Save Money & Environment

Amidst concerns about climate change, natural disasters, a slow economy and rising cost of living, travel experts say that environmentally concerned American, Canadian and European vacationers are looking for ways to save on holiday and...
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Importance of Triple Bottom Line Sustainability – Interview With CEO of Ecotourism Australia

Recently, I had an opportunity to pose some questions to Kym Cheatham, CEO of Ecotourism Australia, which is a non-profit organization that is Australia’s main ecotourism industry association. Here, she shares some great perspective on...
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5 Bargain Family Vacation Eco-Destinations

Compared with the eurozone of Western Europe and some of the more summer tourist attractions in the United States, where economies are affecting the price of ecotourism services and price negotiations by consumers are relatively...
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Common Ecotourism Pitfalls

The latest buzzword eco has unfortunately triggered travel suppliers to saturate the market with hundreds of loosely understood eco holiday-labeled travel products, causing consumer confusion as to what the term ecotourism truly represents.  Good intentions...
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5 Smart Green Family Vacations for your US Dollar

Most travelers mistakenly think that it is more expensive to travel abroad than vacation within the United States. Vacation planners often hear about the relative weakness of the U.S. dollar and automatically calculate that a...
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Chimborazo Sustainable Tourism Benefits Communities

Chimborazo sustainable tourism offers an alternative way of life for the communities of the Ecuadorian province of Chimborazo.  Ecotourism, allows them to maintain their traditions and benefit their communities socially, economically and environmentally. Chimborazo Video  ...
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5 More Green Tips for Time-Starved Family Vacation Planners

Vacation time is upon us all! And, whether you planned your vacation six months ago or six days ago, there is always that last minute distressed feeling of how is this all going to come...
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