Food allergies keeping you stateside? Innovative translation cards can help

It’s a fact of life today that many adults and children suffer from severe food allergies or have specific dietary restrictions. Sometimes, the constant vigilance to avoid cross-contamination or foods with hidden ingredients coupled with language barriers prevents people from traveling outside the United States. Select Wisely aims to change this sentiment.

The company’s mission to help people with food allergies, drug allergies, asthma, diabetes, latex allergies and other health conditions travel safely in foreign-speaking settings… For travelers with life-threatening allergies and medical emergencies, communication is the key to survival.

The portable translation cards, which can also be downloaded to a smartphone, cover all manner of food allergies and medical conditions including nut and shellfish cards, restaurant chef cards, gluten-free cards, smoke-free cards and low-salt cards among others. They even carry vegetarian and vegan cards. Coupled with the prospect that many eco-travel experiences provide locally-sourced, unprocessed food, your chances for having healthy, safe and delicious meals increase dramatically.

Priced from $6.50 – $15.00 per card, they are available in 13 standard languages including Chinese, Polish, Russian and Thai. In addition, there are more than 50 other languages available by special order, which can also contain a combination of allergy information.


Lastly, the website contains helpful travel tips and resource links for families and other types of travelers.

These translation cards are not only a helpful tool for traveling, but a tool for self-advocacy. Check out Select Wisely for more information and let them know it’s Greenloons-approved!

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