City Walks with Kids Adventure Travel Cards

Recently, I came across the City Walks with Kids product line of adventure travel cards that was so helpful, I thought I would share the travel tip with other families that are planning to visit some of the major cities of the world. 

As with most good products, the concept is incredibly simple – a set of 50 walking adventures that include at least one kid-friendly attraction, its historical reference, and a family-friendly place to stop for a meal or snack.  

City Walks With Kids Products

We first discovered the City Walks product line just before traveling to Paris, and for my husband and I who had been to Paris many times, the itineraries provided a new perspective for us and a lovely set of fun diversions for our son. 

On one side of these durable and portable cards, there is a description of an activity that takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a whole day to complete and on the other side is a map with public transportation details (i.e. metro and bus lines) and contact information for the attraction (i.e. website, phone number and hours of operation).  We would plan our itinerary during breakfast and then carry the one or two cards we needed for the day. 

For example, in Paris, we visited the Crypte Archeologique, an underground excavation of Roman wharf and medieval shops, houses and churches.  We sailed toy sailboats at the Jardin des Tuileries.  We strolled along the Rue Mouffetard and purchased some fresh fruit, bread and cheese for a picnic in the Jardins du Luxembourg with its beautiful playground.  We discovered the Zoo de Vincennes with its series of biozones to represent different ecosystems, and the Menagerie, the world’s oldest zoo. 


At the very least, we experienced Paris is a completely different way and most recently, utilized the London series for some more eco-activities. 

The series also covers Sydney, Ireland, Toronto, South of France, Barcelona, and Rome as well as U.S destinations such as Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and New York.  They are well worth checking out and I think will be useful even as my son grows into his teenage years.

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