Tips for Green Travel Africa

Explore green travel Africa options, a land that is said to have the power to stir the soul.  Africa, the cradle of civilization, with diverse geography, one can connect with nature and witness wildlife in the rainforest, desert, savanna or mountains.  For traveling families who prefer to explore independently, Africa also has a thriving ecotourism industry replete with astonishingly beautiful game drives and luxurious lodges all focused on conservation education. 

Green Travel Africa

So, as you consider your next global travel opportunity, below are some helpful hints for greener transportation options while traveling through Africa:

Nile River Sailing – Luxury and sustainability combine to form a unique sailing experience.  Charter your own or share a Royal Cleopatra Dahabiya, which means traditional Egyptian sailing yacht, to see the wonders of Luxor, Esna, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan from a different perspective.  The Royal Cleopatra (pictured above) is a lateen-rigged sailing vessel with sleeping accommodations for one to seven people and a crew consisting of a tour guide, captain, sailor, cook and housekeeper.

Train Travel – If you have an interest in a specific country in Africa, check out the trusty site which will also provide some cursory bus information where train travel is not possible.  Another option is to take a Shongololo train tour which traverses seven countries on the southern African continent including South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia.  Accommodations are high-quality and excursions are family-friendly (although no children under 7 years old are allowed) including optional game drives.  The chefs even offer South African menus that include Cape Dutch and Malay recipes as well as authentic African dishes.  Another more luxurious train travel option is Rovos Rail.

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