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April 2011

Is New Zealand Doing Enough With its Qualmark Enviro Eco-label to Support Ecotourism?

New Zealand has long been regarded as a clean and green destination as a result of its rich and fragile natural landscape. But in recent years, there had been controversy as to whether its official...
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Tips for Green Travel Africa

Explore green travel Africa options, a land that is said to have the power to stir the soul.  Africa, the cradle of civilization, with diverse geography, one can connect with nature and witness wildlife in the...
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Ya’ man Jamaica Travel Got Nature and Wildlife Too!

It may not immediately come to mind, but natural rivers and springs are abundant in Jamaica. With over 120 rivers flowing through the country from the central mountain region to the coasts, and several mineral...
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Demystifying the Netherlands’ Green Key Eco Certification

The Netherlands, best known for its tulips, wooden shoes, windmills, and canals, also has its own eco-label for environmentally friendly businesses called the Green Key Eco Certification (formerly called the Milieubarometer). Originally created in 1998,...
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Don’t Be Duped By Eco! Value of Eco Certifications

With the advent of words such as green, environmentally friendly, sustainable and eco as powerful marketing slogans, it should come as no surprise that many organizations within the tourism industry have adopted these terms to...
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How Children Experience Benefits From Ecotourism

Just because you are going on a family vacation doesn’t mean that learning should take a break too. Ecotourism is full of what educators call teachable moments or, more definitively, unplanned opportunities to explain a...
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Explore Green Asia

Asia, a colorful mix of spirituality, incense, spices and architecture, captivates from the start.  Whether you are visiting the Great Wall of China, admiring the temples of Thailand, enduring the jungles of Malaysia, tackling the...
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Despite regional political struggles, Jordan is a welcoming family ecotourism destination

While not the first place you would think of for ecotourism, Jordan’s natural landscape of waterfalls and canyons as well as the Dead Sea and the Mujib gorge, which enjoys the distinction of being the...
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Grano de Oro is a welcome respite from the hum of San Jose

Our last stop on our introductory tour through Costa Rica that included Finca Rosa Blanca and Pacuare Lodge, was San Jose, where the CST Level 4 certified Grano de Oro was grandly perched and waiting...
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