Best European Train Travel Sites

One of the most enjoyable travel experiences for students, couples or families is traveling by train through Europe.  Travelers can rest comfortably, eat a decent meal, enjoy the scenery, arrive on time at their destination point and, if you book in advance, not spend a lot of money paying for a seat.  What could be better than that?  As with eco-travel though, European train travel information sites are also quite disparate as there is a specialization for train routes and booking. 

However, below is a listing for some favorites:

  • Seat 61 – this site should be one of the first sites you visit for initial information about train travel throughout the world.  Whether it’s traveling through Australia, Malaysia, Jordan, Botswana, Greece or the United Kingdom, Seat 61 explains all you need to know about train travel plainly and clearly.
  • Bahn – this site is also a go-to source for train timetables running throughout Europe.  Although you cannot book through the site, you can plan your complete itinerary including conducting an environmental mobility check that lists the duration as well as carbon emissions of using a train compared to driving or flying to your appointed destination.
  • Rail Europe – this site is very helpful for Americans as you have the ability to purchase Eurail passes in dollars before you leave the United States.  Eurail passes offer unlimited train travel in 21 European countries in blocks of anywhere from 10 – 90 days.  Although Rail Europe does not list the cheapest rates versus going to each country’s individual train booking site, it does offer the opportunity of centralized booking and some additional travel bonuses for ferries, buses, museums, and hotels throughout the member countries.

Finally saving the best for last, here’s a chance to enter the EU Rail Contest Giveaway.  EU Rail is giving away one free Eurail pass a digital camera, and a Lonely Planet guidebook to one lucky winner.  The runner-up will receive an Amazon gift voucher.  You must hurry though because although the deadline date passed, they did not reach their quota of 500 submissions.

How to enter today:

  • Follow the EU Rail Pass account on Twitter @trainpass and tell them why you should win
  • Like their EU Rail Pass page on Facebook and leave a comment telling them where you would go in Europe and why
  • Write a blog post with a link to EU Rail telling them why you should win and what you would do with it
  • Post a Youtube video telling the world where you want to go and why.

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