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March 2011

Pacuare Lodge is the antidote to a Disney family vacation

If this is ecotourism, count me in! That was what my husband said after stepping off the inflatable raft we had been on for the last hour and a half. We had arrived at Pacuare...
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Greenloons TV – Beautiful Costa Rica

Our inspiring video taken of our travels in 2011 features environmental and social sustainability in Costa Rica!  Costa Rica comprises only .01% of the earth’s landmass, yet is home to 5% of the planet’s biodiversity!  As such, ecotourism is...
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Virtual SmartLodge teaches sustainable tourism

The Rainforest Alliance has developed a new tool to help travelers and consumers understand the effect that sustainable tourism has for benefiting local communities and the environment.  Click on the SmartLodge graphic below to travel to...
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Finca Rosa Blanca provides a perfect introduction to Costa Rica

Our first impressions of San Jose reminded us of the surrounding hills and valleys of the San Francisco Bay Area in California. My husband and I had just landed (via San Salvador) and the warm,...
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Deconstructing the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS)

In general, European vacationers view ecotourism as a way to minimize their carbon footprint entirely by first traveling by train, for example, and then staying in rural areas where they can hike or go camping....
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Top 10 reasons why sea turtle watching is a good family activity

Save the sea turtles, save the world!  This post was contributed by Brad Nahill, Co-Founder of SEE Turtles and SEEtheWILD.  I met Brad during last year’s Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC).  Brad started SEE Turtles...
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Greener travel options for visiting South America

Given the disconnected transportation network of the region, here are some helpful hints for greener travel. In some respects, it seems that traveling to and through South America is very complicated and time-consuming.  Yet, for...
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Ecotourism in Greece emphasizes the contrasts of its ecosystems

As one of the top tourism destinations in the world, Greece is best known for its relaxed lifestyle, white-washed buildings, beautiful beaches and seas, gorgeous blue skies, ancient culture and mythology, and delicious food. Perhaps,...
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Explorandes Peru’s perspective of the ISO 14001 EMS certification process

Recently Alfredo Ferreyros, the President of Explorandes Peru, which is a sustainable tour operator offering authentic ecotours to the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, answered some questions about...
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India Ecotourism Casts Spell With Nature Enthusiasts

For generations, nature and wildlife conservation has been a part of the Indian culture and heritage. From its highest peak at Kanchenjunga to the Indian Ocean, amazing India also spells variety and adventure. A land...
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