Why Exploring New Cultures is More Important Than Ever

In the age of travel alerts, political uprisings, and airport security lines, exploring cultures has never been more important.  While it is no wonder why so few people travel outside of their home regions, it’s also disappointing. A recent article posted on gave a grim view of Americans who prefer to not travel internationally for a myriad of reasons ranging from our general lack of interest and intense work culture to expensive airfares and logistics.

While some of these reasons may be legitimate, it does not mean that the sentiment should continue. Now more than ever, Americans must brush aside their suspicions of international travel and, instead, begin a sincere exploration and discovery of nations and cultures. This is because global issues of the economy, politics, and environment will require more of us to do business with and learn the languages of other nations.

Traveling to faraway lands increases cultural sensitivity whereas fear and misunderstanding lead to upheaval.

Top Reasons Why Exploring Cultures is Imperative Today

  1. Travel enables us to make human (rather than social media) connections with one another and these connections are what will make the global economy mutually beneficial to all
  2. Travel empowers us to discuss and question our social customs and values
  3. Travel provides a different perspective on how regional subsistence issues affect international politics
  4. Travel allows for us to become more sensitive to other cultures whether it’s simply reading the local English language newspaper, tasting local delicacies or making a new friend who has a completely different viewpoint of the world
  5. Travel reveals to us a different outlook on the issues of poverty, race, and religion that is necessary for an age where political discourse within the media is so segmented

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3 Responses
  1. Rebecca Rubin

    I couldn’t agree more! Nothing brings me greater joy than traveling to a new and far away land, and this joy began in early childhood when I would travel frequently with my family. I believe it is imperative that we instill a love of travel and an appreciation of new cultures early on in life. This will ensure that we raise a more adventurous, compassionate, and globally aware generation!

  2. Jamie Fernandez

    I definitely think everyone should do some international travel in their life. It can really open doors, change perspectives, and most times change your life for the better!