Eco-hotel Search Sites to Get a Break From Ol’ Man Winter

It’s been a while since discussing the criteria that makes an eco-hotel and given that the green lodging space is changing very quickly and becoming ever more popular, I thought it was time to provide an updated list of favorite eco-hotel search sites with a quick description of each.  Isn’t it about time you set off on a green getaway?

  • Eco Green Hotel – this site does a wonderful job of explaining where it receives its lodging listings and which eco-hotels carry third party certifications.  It only lists eco-hotels in the United States, but offers certification transparency as well as solar, water, and other green tips for your green lifestyle
  • All Stays – this company has developed its own set of criteria for eco-hotels, which is in line with acceptable and standard criteria, and implemented a maple leaf system to distinguish among different eco-hotels.  They have eco-hotel listings available all over the world and you can even access the site through a mobile phone application
  • BookDifferent – showcases environmentally-friendly hotels around the world; hotels are independently assessed based on their energy and water conservation, environmental training, disposal, ecological sustainability, and protection practices 

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