Photo Tour of the Nicaragua Canal

Just came back from Morgan’s Rock eco-lodge in Nicaragua; learned about the Nicaragua Canal and its tie to the Panama Canal.

Plans were drawn up and approved by the U.S. Congress for the current Panama Canal to be built in Nicaragua.  An Alabama senator named, John Tyler Morgan, championed the Nicaraguan route believing that building a canal would create a more efficient transportation route than in Panama. To commemorate “the canal that never was”, Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge were named after Senator Morgan.

Nicaragua Canal

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About a two and half hour drive southwest of Granada on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast, Morgan’s Rock offers a great spot to get away from all including technology (no mobile phone coverage or Wi-Fi) and get in tune with your surroundings, which includes a variety of wildlife such as the black iguana, sea turtles and blue herons. 

The staff was very helpful and attentive. The food at La Bastide was outstanding of which 90% comes from the Hacienda. Finally, the lodges themselves are very comfortable with fantastic showers.

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