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February 2011

Use Rainforest Alliance site for day getaways

Recently, the Rainforest Alliance launched its Sustainable Trip website for travelers who want to support green hotels, day tour operators, and other businesses that have been verified by independent, third-party sustainable tourism certification programs or recommended...
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Why Exploring New Cultures is More Important Than Ever

In the age of travel alerts, political uprisings, and airport security lines, exploring cultures has never been more important.  While it is no wonder why so few people travel outside of their home regions, it’s...
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Free UPDATED Ecotourism Certification Guide

The only manual of its kind, our certification standards summary clarifies evaluation criteria for the Top 18 eco-vacation accreditations.  We just published a revised comprehensive online certification reference guide aimed at aiding environmentally conscious travelers, like...
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Eco-hotel search sites to get a break from ol’ man winter

It’s been a while since discussing the criteria that makes an eco-hotel and given that the green lodging space is changing very quickly and becoming ever more popular, I thought it was time to provide...
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Film Review: The Last Lions delivers a powerful conservation punch

This past week, the National Geographic Society played master of ceremonies for the premiere of Dereck and Beverly Joubert’s “The Last Lions”. The extraordinarily powerful documentary film by the award-winning couple focused on the plight...
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Ecotourism 101: Is Ecotourism More Expensive?

Updated August 16, 2018 As the popularity of environmentally-friendly products has grown over the years, consumers have been conditioned to believe that green goods or eco products equate to more expensive merchandise. In the specific...
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Experience Canada’s land of plenty

Canada is a large country with ample wilderness to explore, ancient forests to survey, mammals to discover, and native peoples artifacts to appreciate. The country offers many opportunities both for self-discovery as well as quality...
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Calling Nature Conservationists to Austria Travel Experiences

Probably best known for the rolling hills featured in the film The Sound of Music, Austria is a country with an immense geographic diversity of mountains, forests, and lakes that account for a wide variety...
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Deconstructing Mexico’s SEMARNAT ecotourism regulation

As one of the 10 most visited countries in the world, Mexico is the personification of sun, sand, surf and cultural heritage. Given its importance of tourism to the economy, Mexico instituted, in 2006, a...
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Greenloons TV – True Green Travel

Learn more about Greenloons as well as the benefits of ecotourism travel! Greenloons offers parents, as well as other nature and wildlife enthusiasts, with a one-stop shop for ecotourism travel services.  It is the only website that both recommends...
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