E-book Readers Lighten the Travel Load

For an item that weighs less than a pound, you can upload all the travel guides, novels, and self-help books you can stand.  And, you can even add newspaper and magazine subscriptions so you won’t miss a bit of celebrity gossip or news while away. The latest e-book readers have built-in Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities, so you could be drinking a Castle beer at a café in South Africa, upload the most up-to-date safari guide for Kruger National Park, and go on your way within minutes.

The environmental benefits of e-book readers include:

  • Carbon emissions from e-books are offset within the first year of use
  • Decreasing the overall need for the paper, water, ink and chemical dyes necessary to produce books and magazines as some authors are opting to publish only e-book versions of their latest publications
  • Storage, transport, and disposal of e-books are much more environmentally-friendly than book recycling
  • Less need for room lighting since some e-book readers come with their own LED backlight that read quite well in dark rooms

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