December 1, 2010

Amtrak Offers Fun & Responsible Alternative to Driving

With its sleeping, dining, and private bathroom accommodations, the concept is a great one. Once at your destination, you could rent a hybrid car or even take a multi-day bike tour.  I just wish that...
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Examples of Greenwashing Practices

Along with the term green sheen, greenwashing is the insincere promotion of green business practices that are advertised as reducing carbon emissions or limiting the use of scarce resources, for example, when the actual objective...
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General Criteria for Eco-hotels

The hotel industry is beginning to standardize its evaluation criteria for what constitutes eco-hotels. Next time you are traveling for business or pleasure, check out whether the hotel is enacting business practices that: stems allergens...
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Voluntourism Resources

While the sole objective of a volunteer vacation is to be help with a project, the objectives of voluntourism are to help and have a unique vacation experience. Voluntourism strikes a balance between the tourist...
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Scandinavia Has Got it Together

Fresh off the heels of our multi-generational family summer trip through Scandinavia, I published an Ecotourism in Northern Europe series, which you can find within the Greenloons Blog. It’s a wonderful part of the world...
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