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December 2010

Mt Vernon Travel in Virginia

We spent a wonderful day during the Holidays at Mt Vernon, which is the estate of George & Martha Washington located just outside Washington, DC. Besides the obvious educational elements of learning about Washington’s early life,...
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Howler Monkeys, Stingrays, Coral, Dolphins…Belize Oh My!

Although a small country, Belize is host to more than 87 distinct types of ecosystems, which make ecotourism and agriculture the lifeblood of its economy. Slightly larger than Massachusetts, Belize is located in Central America...
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Botswana Travel – Top Family Ecotourism Destination Choice

Botswana travel options are definitely outside the bounds of mass tourism in favor of low volume, high-quality safari travels into the Okavango Delta and Kalahari Desert. Roughly the size of Texas, this progressive democratic republic...
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Deconstructing Norwegian Ecotourism Certification Standards

In line with its deep traditions of environmental consciousness and sustainability, Norway has many environmental and quality labels for the travel and tourism industry including Green Key for lodging and restaurants, the Blue Flag for...
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Solar-Powered Travel Gadgets

If you have ever found yourself traveling through a country that had low reliability with respect to the electrical grid or just wanted to travel with an even lighter carbon footprint, you may want to...
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Peru Family Travel Offers History, Wildlife & Nature

Fresh off the heels of Machu Picchu winning the 2010 World Travel Awards as the best ecotourism destination in South America, Peru family travel options include a variety of cultural traditions, festivals, and natural landscapes....
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Environmental Benefits of Sharing Cars

If you use public transportation often but are in need of a car occasionally or find that you frequently travel to major cities around the world and require a car rental, an environmentally friendlier option...
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Ecotourism 101: Countries Most Dependent on Ecotourism Revenue

According to the International Ecotourism Society (TIES), 83% of developing countries rely on ecotourism revenue while others, such as Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nepal, Kenya, Madagascar, and Antarctica, also rely on ecotourism revenue as the major contributory...
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Tiny Costa Rica is Home to 5% of the Planet’s Biodiversity

Costa Rica is sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama and is often called “the Switzerland of Central America” due to its politically stable democracy, technological advancements, high literacy rate, high standard of living and medical facilities,...
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Ecotourism 101: How Ecotourism Benefits Children

Ecotourism benefits children as it is full of what educators call teachable moments or, more definitively, unplanned opportunities to explain a concept that has unintentionally captured a child’s interest. Whether it is touring the rainforests...
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