Ecotourism Certification Standards: Brazil Adventure Tourism Certification

The Ecotourism Certification Standards series continues with Brazil Adventure Tourism Safety (Aventura Segura) program. With the recent granting of both the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympic Games, Brazil’s conscious stepping up of efforts to attract foreign visitors to its internationally recognized nature reserves, parks, and biosphere reserves has begun to pay off dividends. 

In December 2005, the voluntary Aventura Segura program, which is based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, was developed by the Ministry of Tourism (EMBRATUR) in coordination with the Brazilian Adventure Tourism Trade Organization (ABETA) as a means of providing environmental education as well as normalizing safety standards within Brazil’s tourism industry. Certification is granted by one of two independent certification Bodies, who are themselves audited and accredited by the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO).

Brazil Adventure Tourism Award Process

The voluntary program is open to all types of accommodation, national parks, tourist attractions, tourism consultants, and tour operators regardless of their size. For our purposes, the ecotour operator company completes a series of courses including:

  • Growth and analysis of adventure tourism in Brazil
  • Creation and formalization of associations
  • Technical seminars, distance learning courses and face-to-face tutorials covering such topics as Minimum Skills, Security Management Systems, and Business Management
  • Audience education and First Aid
  • Completion of 10 Manuals of Good Practice in Adventure Tourism including Safety Management, Business Management, and Safety Procedures for Rafting, Climbing, and Canyon Trekking
  • Creation, execution and qualification of Volunteer Search and Rescue Groups
  • Self-evaluation of Business and Technical Assistance

Once all courses are completed, the Certification Body accredits the tourism company as having received the Aventura Segura certification. There is no formal process for reauthorization.

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