In the seventh installment of a family ecotourism series entitled Ecotourism in Northern Europe, I invite you to appreciate the beauty of Copenhagen. Personally, I have never visited a city so environmentally conscious. From carbon neutral taxis to taxi bikes to eco-labeled hotels to specially designated bike and pedestrian paths that surround the city, Copenhagen is a wonderful mix of history, maritime industry, business, culture, and tourism. It is impossible to walk down a street day or night and not see hundreds of residents (some with toddlers wearing helmets) safely meandering through the streets on their bicycles. The city also is resplendent with parks and canals that allow for many opportunities to quickly step away from city life and get back to nature.

Although a mild climate that makes it easy for touring, the weather seems to change every 30 minutes, so wearing layers is advised. In addition to the excellent subway/metro system and pedestrian pathways, Copenhagen was recently linked up with the Marguerite Route, which is a popular tourism route throughout Denmark that takes you through nature, outdoor activities and, of course, shopping opportunities.

Family ecotourism activities:

  1. The Marguerite Route goes by Western Amager and the Commons at Kalvebod. In addition to a wealth of nature experiences, there are man-made landscapes that are completely flat and offer a clear view of the Copenhagen skyline. From Amager, the route continues to Damhus Lake and the natural areas of Vestskoven and Herstedjoje.
  2. At another part of the Marguerite Route outside Copenhagen, Kystvej with the sea on one side of the street and the landing strips of Copenhagen International Airport on the other offers a unique experience of nature. Continuing from Kystvej, you come to Drager, which offers wonderful sailing and further down the trail, at Kongelunden, you can enjoy the plentiful birdlife and horseback riding.

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