In the fourth installment of a family ecotourism series entitled Ecotourism in Northern Europe, I invite you to appreciate the potential of Visby family travel.  Visby is the capital of the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea.  It is located 53 miles of the coasst of Stockholm and for the typical Swedish family, Gotland is the main island to visit for a summer vacation.  With picturesque beaches and cliffs, Gotland is also home to the Swedish sheep farming industry. 

The easiest way to get to Visby is via a ferry from Nynashamm on the Baltic Sea or from Stockholm.  Though a very hilly town, Visby is easy to walk around and visit its various beaches, medieval fortifications, cliffs, museums and churches.  There is also a bicycle route around the island where one can examine firsthand the 35 varieties of wild orchids found all over the island.   

Visby Family Travel Ecotourism Activities

  • During the summer months, one can rent bicycles as well as tents and other camping equipment to travel throughout the island and see the 400 million year old rock formations or visit the two bird sanctuaries (Stora and Lilla Karlso) along the coast.  The sanctuaries are only available for visits with a recognized guide (call for tour times). 
  • For more nature adventure activities around Visby, you may want to rent a canoe, go windsurfing, or even take a rock-climbing course. 

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