Criteria That Makes a Hotel an Eco-hotel?

How can one tell the difference between a true green or eco-hotel and a hotel that employs greenwashing practices?  The good news is that there are some reputable green hotel certification programs, including the Green Key Eco-Rating, EarthCheck, and LEED® Building programs, which allow for an occasional inspection of a hotel’s sustainable operations in over 20 different areas.

The unpleasant news is that presently some of these eco-certification programs are self-administered assessments with intermittent on-site inspections. 

Nevertheless, the ecotourism industry and hoteliers, in particular, are beginning to recognize the business value in investing in defined resource conservation business practices with respect to energy and water use, waste disposal, and environmental protection.  An added benefit is that these eco-hotel best practices stem against greenwashing.

Finca Rosa Blanca in Costa Rica is a certified eco hotel

Finca Rosa Blanca, a Sustainable Hotel in Costa Rica

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Criteria for an eco-hotel or green hotel 

  1. stemming of allergens
  2. use of alternative or renewable energy sources
  3. conservation of energy
  4. maintenance of appliances
  5. application of newspaper programs
  6. management of composting programs
  7. provision of bulk soap items and amenities
  8. supply of organic cotton towels and sheets
  9. employment of guest towel and sheet re-use programs
  10. donation of furniture or other over-used property materials to charity
  11. use of non-disposable and durable service items
  12. offer of organically-grown, locally harvested food
  13. education of guests about the hotel’s green practices and green membership programs
  14. education of hotel staff about the importance of green business practices
  15. use of gentle cleaning and laundry supplies
  16. supplying of fresh air to guests
  17. use of gray water recycling programs
  18. provision of guestroom recycling bins
  19. employment of non-smoking policies
  20. provision of alternative guest transportation programs
  21. use of xeric gardening methods

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