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Mission & Method

Our mission is simple! Make ecotourism an economically viable, socially accountable and environmentally transparent choice for both travelers, who frankly just want to have an awesome and memorable vacation, and tourism business owners who want to make a good living while also supporting their local communities!

For travelers, our Green Vacation Collection provides a vetted list of independently certified sustainable travel packages (that just happen to be family friendly too!).  While has won accolades for its concise information about ecotourism, we recognized that we needed to do more for tourism business owners who wanted practical solutions that help them get beyond 'green is good for business' claims.

For tourism business owners, we offer a variety of services including: calculation of return on investment (ROI) for sustainable tourism, psychographic analysis of the American eco-traveler, certification audits, community development strategies, and more! Read more about Ecotourism.

Our Partnerships

Greenloons has established strategic partnerships with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Rainforest Alliance, Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa and the Instituto de Turismo Responsable, among other organizations.  As such, we are working at the international level to ensure sustainable tourism criteria remain relevant, so that we can help tourism businesses and communities make appropriate strategic investments in sustainability.   

Ecotourism / Sustainable Tourism Projects

As everyone knows, the 'green' travel trend is gaining full momentum, particularly among today's socially conscious consumers. However, just as green travel is becoming mainstream, so has a trend for 'greenwashing' or fake claims of sustainability and eco-friendly practices, making it challenging for tourism business owners to make smart, informed decisions.

Greenloons can help your company rise above the clutter and confusion by showing you how to make sustainable investment decisions based on objective data analysis, not just trends.

Resourceful, respected, and connected, Greenloons is a key player in the ecotourism field and, as your trusted partner, we can help you navigate the path of sustainability in a way that also maximizes your return on investment (ROI).  

For more information on the triple bottom line and sustainability, the science of good business, view the short video below:


Below are some examples of our work:


About Irene Lane

Irene Lane Official Photo

Irene is a U.S. based consultant specializing in developing sustainable tourism products, marketing strategies, return on investment (ROI) benchmarking models, and community development tactics for tourism boards and individual businesses.

Drawing upon her professional and personal experiences to address authentic ecotourism from community, ecological and economic points of view, Irene is a featured writer for the Huffington Post, among other media outlets, and a featured speaker on ecotourism strategies, challenges and issues at the George Washington University, the Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC), and for the US Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program. Furthermore, she is the only person in the United States who can certify a green travel destination, accommodation, or event under the internationally-accredited Biosphere label.

Irene is a dual EU citizen having lived in 5 countries including Greece, Switzerland, and Italy as well as having worked and /or traveled to 40 more including those in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. In addition to being the founder of Greenloons, she is the Chair of the Market Access Working Group of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, which helps to identify marketing opportunities and solutions for this tourism niche, a member of the Scientific Council of the Instituto de Tourismo Responsable (ITR) and a working group member of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Alliance Africa.  She holds a BA in Political Science from Boston University, an MBA in International Finance from The American University and a Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management from George Washington University.

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