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Wonders of Ancient Greece

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Step back in time and explore life with a slower rhythm like in the past eras. This is not your typical tour, this is a time travel experience for 6 travelers only.  You will have a dedicated mini-bus driver and a travel facilitator. It is also a tour that offers the greatest luxury there is: time!

You'll start with a guided walking tour around the Acropolis in Athens, where you will be given the time to observe, feel and reflect. Stimulate all your senses by walking, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and thoroughly absorbing the atmosphere of the ancient monuments situated in this breathtaking setting.

Later on, outside the city, and on your way to the different landmarks of each region, you will visit organic farms, wineries, distilleries and traditional olive presses, tasting Greek products, meeting with the local producers and thus fully connecting yourself with the modern reality of the vibrant Greek countryside.

You will be given information and be presented with symbolisms from Greek's ancient mythology, philosophy, sciences and arts that are useful and applicable in today's life. Finally, you will have the opportunity to engage in spirit-promoting discussions with your tour guides and fellow travelers.


From April to November 

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Why Authentic Ecotourism?

Clients experience an extensive connection with local entrepreneurs and innovators, participate in celebrations and customs, come close to the contemporary art and also learn about the problems and concerns of the locals, which especially today are 100% interconnected with the European or even universal problems and needs. This exchange of information and knowledge could lead to a deeper understanding of one's own and the visited culture. It could help travelers and locals alike to realize the global interaction between all aspects of our societies, like the economy, the food chain, energy or climate matters.

Specifically, the company provides opportunities for travelers to interact with local people and experience culture first hand, through:

  • Excursions to known, but also to non touristic places
  • Participation in cultural events, local feasts and traditional concerts
  • Visits to distilleries, vineyards, olive oil presses, beekeepers, organic farms etc
  • Mini workshops on local cuisine and folk circular dances
  • Lectures on the local customs, the famous Greek Mythology, the modern language and its live connection to the ancient Greek language as well as its connection to other modern European languages
  • Hands-on traditional healing applications of the local herbs

True to its Environmental Preservation and Social Responsibility commitments the company:

  • Explains to travellers which of their activities or consuming preferences might indirectly endanger animals or natural resources or contribute to the bad trade habits of the local businesses.
  • Facilitates communication of its values to both travellers and the local community, educating them in sustainable tourism practices.
  • Helps in keeping the local fair trade alive and strong, by bringing travellers to the source of the local production, where they can buy in fair prices and benefit the local producers directly.
  • Asks from its local partners (hotels, restaurants, tour guides) to become involved in sustainability and social responsibility and explains to them the significance and importance of such a choice.
  • Offers a percentage of its annual profit to the NGO Archelon, the Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece, so it can continue its valuable work. Customers too are given the opportunity to financially contribute to Archelon's projects.

Day 1 - Athens
Arrival in Athens. We welcome you at the airport and escort you to the hotel to settle. In the afternoon, we pay a visit to the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum. In the evening, we attend a cultural live music event in Athens amongst Greek people, not a tourist attraction.

Day 2 - Corinth/Nafplion
After breakfast, we start our road trip in our mini-bus. First stop only a few kilometers outside Athens to take a guided tour inside the Ancient Eleusis. After that, crossing the canal of Corinth, we will enter the peninsula of the Peloponnese heading to Ancient Corinth for our second in the day guided tour. Lunch, and we continue to Nafplion where we settle in our hotel, get some rest and still have time for a swim, if we wish. Later we may get to know the picturesque old city, where our hotel is conveniently located.

Day 3 - Nafplion 
Day dedicated to Nafplion and its beauties. You can visit the old city and the ancient Acronauplia, explore Palamidi, the majestic Venetian fortress of Nafplion or the city's museums, like the Archaeological museum, the Komboloi museum and more. You can swim at the town's organized beach or walk around the pretty town with it's narrow streets, elegant Venetian houses and Neoclassical mansions adorned with balconies overflowing with flowers. These wonderful, quaint streets provide the perfect place to explore and shop for unique artifacts, clothes or traditional Greek sweets.

Day 4 - Mycenae
Today we will visit Mycenae. Mycenae is an archaeological site of great importance since the Neolithic period. We will walk by the tomb of the archaic King Agamemnon, the one who sailed for Troy. We will also see the Cyclopean walls, the construction of which remains a mystery until today.

Day 5 - Laconia
Having left the historic Argolis we are today in Laconia. We will visit the Olive Oil Museum in Sparta. The museum exhibits the olive culture from antiquity to date. The focus is on the varied economic, usage and symbolic aspects of olives and olive oil in Greece. It is the only Museum that documents the progress in technology of olive oil production in Greece from prehistoric times to the 20th century. In the Museum’s semi-outdoor facilities, pupils produce oil using replicas of ancient Greek and Byzantine machinery, in the context of educational programs.

Day 6 - Mystras
Today we will visit the breathtakingly beautiful Mystras. An abandoned fortified city from the Byzantine Era, 8 kilometers from modern Sparta, that was one of the last bastions of the Byzantine Empire. In 1448 the last emperor of Byzantium, Constantine XI Palaeologos, was crowned at Mystras. Mystras occupies a steep foothill on the northern slopes of Mt. Taegetos. Initially established as the base of the Latin Power in the area, then ceded to the Byzantine Empire, occupied by the Ottoman empire, apart from a brief period in Venetian Hands, till the war of Greek independence. The foundation of modern Sparta by King Otto in 1834 marked the end of the old town's life. 3 Palaces, 2 monasteries, numerous churches and the ruins of many houses, both noble and commoner surround the castle built at the top of the hill.

Day 7 - Olympia
We will visit Olympia, the cradle of the Olympic Games. We will be guided around the archaeological site of Olympia and the ancient Olympic Stadium, where the first Games took place. We will walk through the site and see the Olympic altar and the temple of Zeus. Afterwards, we will visit the museum and marvel at the highlight, Hermes of Praxitelis, a statue known worldwide for its harmony and symmetry.

Day 8 - Athens & Departure
Early morning breakfast and departure back to Athens to catch your outbound flight.


Departure City


Finishing City


Group Size

Minimum of 6 people

Optional Activities

Introductory Greek language lesson, 3 hours
The class includes the Greek Alphabet, the basics of Greek pronunciation and a few key phrases. Also presented is the logical structure of the Greek language and its continuity from the ancient years up till today. This deeper understanding of our rich language will hopefully make your trip more enjoyable.

Greek cooking workshop, about 2,5 hours each session
Our cook will reveal to you the taste-secrets of the famous Greek recipes. Is it in the spices and herbs we are using, is it in the virgin olive oil, is it in the natural ingredients or is it in the way of cooking? You will have to engage your senses to find this out! Under our cook's guidance you will prepare and cook, in the villa's kitchen, one salad, one appetizer and one main dish in each cooking session.

Cultural walking day-tour, from morning to early evening
Our guided walking tours are physically easy. We focus mostly on visiting places of unique natural beauty or cultural interest. On the way we explain natural, cultural and historical aspects of each region and visit monuments worth seeing. We enjoy meeting local people and therefore we take time to get to know, feel and understand what and whom we see. We pause for breathing exercises, to taste fruits and herbs or picnic under the trees. We take time to rest, take pictures and enjoy the views.


  • Arrival to and departure from Greece
  • Surcharge for single occupancy of a twin/double bedroom
  • Meals other than ones mentioned
  • Travel/ medical insurance
  • Tips and personal expenses


  • 7 nights accommodation in a room with own shower, WC, A/C, balcony.
  • Breakfast included
  • Activities as described above
  • All necessary local transfers
  • English-speaking dedicated travel facilitator

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Other Necessary Information

This customized tour is expandable to give you the opportunity to visit Delphi and Meteora as well. You will need to add 3 more days to allow yourself sufficient time to visit those landmarks in style without rush, thus connecting to the energy each one of those sacred places radiates.

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