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Peruvian Amazon Family Adventure

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Our Family programs for teens are active. Climb up 30 meters to a platform on a Brazil nut tree and kayak the Tambopata. To learn about the diversity of the Amazon rain forest canoe an oxbow lake and visit a parrot and a mammal claylick.


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Why Authentic Ecotourism?

Posada Amazonas is a participatory project by nature. The lodge is owned by the community and co-managed with Rainforest Expeditions. For its ownership, the community receives 60% of the profit. To make the co-management practical a Control Committee was created since the outset of the project, participating in the planning, implementation and management phases. The ten member committee is elected by the communal assembly and hold monthly meetings with RFE staff to decide upon human resources, financial and operational issues. It also has the responsibility of overseeing RFE operations and management and of communicating decision to the rest of the assembly.

To give an example at how important this was at developing sophisticated understanding of tourism dynamics, a list selected from the Trueque Amazonico´s report samples the effectiveness of this project at developing a sophisticated understanding of tourism dynamics.

  • Change of attitude related to hunting
  • Exhange money for communal work, with individual contracts
  • There is greater integration between the Achuar and other communities
  • Don't sell or trade wild animal species
  • Creating zones for conservation, thinking about future projects
  • Paying sanctions for breaking rules related to hunting in trails near the lodge
  • Dedicate more time to ecotourism.
  • More national and international travel for cultural exchange and professional development.
  • Greater leadership skills within the community.
  • More relationships with national and international organizations, and with people from different places and types of knowledge
  • Greater consciousness about conservation
  • Greater interest in professional development
  • Greater concern for assuming responsibility
  • More investment in education.
  • Personal interests for developing ecotourism apart from the community enterprise
  • More children studying in the community


DAY 1: Posada Amazonas Guiding Service

Our guides are biologists, tourism professionals, or community members. Transfer Airport to Puerto Maldonado Headquarters. Upon arrival from Lima or Cusco, we will welcome you at the airport and drive you ten minutes to our Puerto Maldonado headquarters. While enjoying your first taste of the forest in our gardens we will ask you to pack only the necessary gear for your next few days, and leave the rest at our safe deposit. This helps us keep the boats and cargo light.

Transfer Pto Maldonado Headquarters to Tambopata River Port Skirting Puerto Maldonado, we drive 20 kilometers to the Tambopata River Port, entering the Native Community of Infierno. The port is a communal business.

Transfer Boat & Lunch - Tambopata River Port to Posada Amazonas The forty five minute boat ride from the Tambopata Port to Posada Amazonas will take us into the Community´s Primary Forest Private Reserve.

Orientation Upon Arrival - The lodge manager will welcome you and brief you with important navigation and security tips.

Canopy Tower - A twenty minute walk from Posada Amazonas leads to the 30 meter scaffolding canopy tower. A bannistered staircase running through the middle provides safe access to the platforms above. From atop you obtain spectacular views of the vast expanses of standing forest cut by the Tambopata River winding through the middle. Now and then toucans, parrots or macaws are seen flying against the horizon, or mixed species canopy flocks land in the treetop next to you.

Ecotourism Lecture - A daily presentation on the Infierno ecotourism project is available every night from a staff member.

DAY 2: Canopy Climbing & Ethnobotanical Tour

Canopy Climbing - Replicating the daily work of macaw researchers, we will climb a 30 meter tree with a rope, harness and jumar. From this vantage point we will have a macaws eye view of the forest. This demanding exercise is perfectly safe and requires no previous experience.

Ethnobotanical Tour - A twenty minute boat drive downriver leads you to a trail designed by the staff of the Centro Ñape. The Centro Ñape is a communal organization that produces medicines out of forest plants and administers them to patients who choose their little clinic. They have produced a trail which explains the different medicinal (and other) uses of selected plants.

Night Walk - You will have the option of hiking out at night, when most of the mammals are active but rarely seen. Much easier to find are frogs with shapes and sounds as bizarre as their natural histories.

DAY 3: Oxbow Lake & Parrot Clay Lick

Tres Chimbadas Oxbow Lake - Tres Chimbadas is thirty minutes by boat and forty five minutes hiking from Posada Amazonas. Once there you will paddle around the lake in a catamaran, searching for the resident family of nine giant river otters (seen by 60% of our lake visitors) and other lakeside wildlife such as caiman, hoatzin and horned screamers. Otters are most active from dawn to eight or nine AM.

Parrot Clay Lick - This clay lick is only a twenty minute walk from Posada Amazonas. From a blind located about twenty meters away you will see dozens of parrots and parakeets descend on most clear mornings to ingest the clay on a river bank. Species such as Mealy and Yellow- headed Amazon, Blue-headed Parrot and Dusky headed Parakeet descend at this clay lick. The clay lick is active at dawn, during the late mornings and mid-afternoons.

Rainforest Tattoo - We will prepare a paste from the fruit of huito and achiote to draw dark blue and red tattoos on ourselves. They last several days.

DAY 4: Ceiba Trail Hike & Sea Kayaking

Ceiba Trail Hike - We leave from the lobby at Posada Amazonas and embark on a two hour hike crowned by the largest tree in the vicinity: a giant ceiba tree. During the hike we will focus on the natural history of the rain forest and its principal taxonomic groups.

Sea Kayaking - We will paddle up a portion of the Tambopata River that presents no difficulty. At the shores we will observe fragmented parts of the forest accompanied by nature sounds and some wildlife we may observe, like birds, caimans and turtles. To finish our experience, we´ll stop on a sandy beach and take a well deserved bath. No experience required, only swimming knowledge.

DAY 5: Transfer Out

  • Transfer Boat - Posada Amazonas to Tambopata River Port
  • Transfer Tambopata River Port to Pto Maldonado Headquarters
  • Transfer Puerto Maldonado Headquarters to Airport We retrace our river and road journey back to Puerto Maldonado, our office and the airport. Depending on airline schedules, this may require dawn departures.



Departure City

Puerto Maldonado

Finishing City

Puerto Maldonado


Meals consist of soup or appetizers, salad, main course, and desserts combining Peruvian and international cuisine. All fresh fruits and salads are thoroughly disinfected before serving. We also provide at all times unlimited amounts of boiled, filtered, cooled drinking water, coffee or tea and we provide fruit juices during the meals. If any visitor has special dietary requirements, we are happy to make individual arrangements, but please notify us.

Optional Activities

  • For even younger greenies, there is another package of activities to choose from that emphasize education, hiking trails, farm visits and jungle night walks.
  • Optional Activities include Jungle Mountain Biking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding



  • International or domestic airfares, airport departure taxes or visa fees, excess baggage charges, additional nights during the trip due to flight cancellations, alcoholic beverages or bottled water, snacks, insurance of any kind, laundry, phone calls or messages, reconfirmation of flights and items of personal nature.
  • Notes: Programs to Refugio Amazonas : There is an additional $13 per person charge for entrance into the national park. This applies for tours to Refugio Amazonas Lodge
  • Programs to Tambopata Research Center : There is an additional $60 per person charge for entrance into the national park. This applies for tours to Tambopata Research Center Lodge



Programs based on double occupancy. Includes all meals, accommodations, and services, all river transportation, and transfer from and to the airport of Puerto Maldonado.

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Little Greenies
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Kids loved the openness 

On 28 Jun 2013, Christine A. wrote:
After reading the other reviews, I knew what to expect from this place, but my kids were mystified by the whole experience. They loved the hammocks on the second floor of the lodge and in the rooms. They loved the openness. They were not big fans of the cold showers- but they are only 6, 8, & 10. They felt safe anywhere in the lodge, and we felt everything was as clean as could be in an open air environment. On one of the hikes to the lake we saw a tapir swimming in the water. We saw a good deal of wildlife overall, and my kids learned a ton about the rain forest. I would stay here again- although tips to pack: bring as many hiking pants as you own, and then buy more- you are constantly sweaty and dirty- and bring your own biodegradable hair conditioner- they only supply shampoo and soap.
One of the highlights of Peru 

On 11 Apr 2013, Jerry M. wrote:
My wife, daughter and I flew into Puerto Maldanado where we were met by our charming guide Natalia. We were bussed to their office in town where we were briefed on what to expect on our two day jungle adventure. A snack was provided for the 30 minute ride to the river where we boarded a motorized canoe for the 2-1/2 hour ride up the river (lunch provided) to their facility. The room had three beds with mosquito netting over each, one side open to the jungle, cold water only shower, curtains for doors, no electricity yet absolutey a wonderful experience. Food was very good and plentiful, beer and wine available,lectures, massages, wi-fi, just about all the comforts of home in the middle of the jungle. The hikes, canoe trip on the lake, the extremely knowlegeable and pleasant Natalia all made it an extremely pleasant and memorable experience. This and Machu Picchu were the highlights of our 12 day visit to Peru. If you are going to Peru make certain that you include this in your itinerary.

On 5 Aug 2012, Kathryn N. wrote:
In late June, we spend 4 days and 3 nights at Posada Amazona. It was fantastic. The lodge is great. You are really in the middle of the Amazons and surrounded by wildlife and jungle. The staff are great. The food was wonderful and Leny, our personal guide was so knowledgable and patient. Her family is from the local community and so she grew up in the area, and she could hear or spot animals that we would have walked right by without even knowing. On one hike, she saw a owl, that I have no idea how she could possible see, but we were able to watch it, once she showed us where to look. We have great pictures and memories. The mosquitoes at the lodge are virtually non-existant, but when walking in the jungle, you will need strong bug spray. There is no air conditioning, but it is quite pleasant, there is no electricity or internet except a few hours each night, so we could post a few pictures to Facebook and talk to family on Skype. We had lanterns and candles in the rooms. We ate with all the other guests in the dinning area and so you got to meet other folks and compare stories. It was a great experience and one we will never forget... Thanks, Leny and thanks, Posada Amazonas!

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