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Everglades Kayaking

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This is a very popular set of day kayaking tours that are best for viewing wildlife. Great for all ages and experience levels as the kayaks are stable, easy to operate, and quiet. Choose from the Boat Assisted Kayak Ecotour, Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Ecotour, and the Everglades National Park Kayak Ecotour. Reservations are required and spots fill up fast!


Opening up the remote areas of Everglades National Park, this very popular eco-adventure combines the best of a boat tour, a kayak tour and a walking tour. Using a dedicated kayak transport boat, you are comfortably and safely transported to some of the most beautiful and remote areas of the Everglades National Park, yet you will still be back in time for lunch, dinner or another tour.

Find out more about the Boat Assisted Kayak Ecotour, the Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Ecotour, and the Everglades National Park Kayak Ecotour.


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Why Authentic Ecotourism?

The company is dedicated to the experiential education of students, families and travelers from Florida, the Americas and the World. We believe that only through education, do we have the opportunity to preserve the Everglades, its culture and its heritage. All guides are formally trained Florida Master Naturalists, Environmental Educators and Full-Time Outdoor Leaders. 

Boat Assisted Kayak Ecotour

Everglades National Park is one of the most spectacular parks in the US National Park System. Surrounded by the Big Cypress National Preserve, Fakahatchee Strand State Park, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve and the 10,000 Islands National Wildlife Refuge, there are over 1.5 million flooded, pristine acres. The Park is world famous in the worlds of paddling and fishing, and people from all over the world travel to Everglades City to enjoy the splendor of the area.

Every day and every tour is certainly different as each trip is tailored to the group and the natural environment of the day ... no trip is the same and the wildlife and the days conditions are just that … wild. However, you can expect to encounter a wide variety of the Park's wildlife - manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, bald eagles, ospreys, herons, egrets, roseate spoonbills to name a few. Imagine paddling next to a manatee or a dolphin! The transport boat nestles six very stable kayaks in her bow and provides comfortable captains-style seating for six guests. With full safety equipment, satellite communications, a GPS tracking system, large sunshade and a cooler for your drinks, your guide will bring you deep into the Park in safety and comfort.

Once we reach one of our many destinations, we slow the tour down and turn it into a hands-on eco-experience with very stable, comfortable kayaks are used to get you close to the Park's flora and fauna … closer than by any other means. (Not to worry, no previous kayaking experience is required and we do not paddle far. We also have two-person kayaks for those that do not wish to paddle alone).

You will continue your interpretive experience with a walking tour on pristine barrier island island that is seldom visited by others. There is a lot to see and a lot to experience on these barrier islands...the wrack lines, shallow tidal zones, dunes, uniquely adapted plants, mangrove swamps, many different invertebrate species, lots of shells, etc. Every day and every tide is different.

After your beach trek, we are back in the kayaks to paddle back the boat for the ride home in time for a seafood dinner at a local restaurant. Be sure to bring your camera!

It is not possible to experience all that the Everglades has to offer in a single outing. However, this adventure, combined with the Mangrove Tunnel Tour and a Swamp Walk Eco Tour, provides a complete Everglades experience as practical…three major pieces of the Everglades "pie".

Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Tour

Each trip is led by an experienced florida Master Naturalist who is certified by the National Park and licensed by the US Coast Guard. As our guest, you will be presented with a wealth of information on the colorful local history of the area, as well as, it's wonderful wildlife and flora. The Everglades area is a vast and varied ecosystem containing the largest mangrove forest in North America. Throughout the forest are brackish lakes whose waters are a mix of sweet fresh water and salt water. This is part of what makes the Everglades so special. These lakes, surrounded by mangroves, are refuges and nursery grounds for herons, egrets, stilts, ducks, wood storks, spoonbills, alligators, otters and a gamut of fishes.

Interconnecting these lakes are narrow, flowing tidal creeks. The mangrove forest grows to the very edge and even over the tops of these creeks forming a canopy or a tunnel. The sunlight (or moonlight) shimmering through the canopy, the stillness of the forest vegetation and the sounds of the forest itself, make for a surreal and mystical experience in the tunnels.

The dense canopy regulates moisture and humidity allowing orchids, mosses and bromeliads to thrive. A moonlight tour or sunset tour in the tunnels can be something you will never forget The mangrove tunnel tour is a completely different experience than the Boat Assisted Kayak/Canoe Tour. Many guests enjoy both.

Everglades National Park Kayak Ecotour

Led by Florida Master Naturalists, These, traditional kayak and canoe eco tours depart daily into the beautiful 10,000 Islands of Everglades National Park. From various launch sites, these 3 hour tours leave from the shore and return to the starting launch site after the completion of the tour.

The launch sites and the tour routes that we choose vary daily and seasonally. You may paddle to a rookery where hundreds of wading birds nest in a colony; find yourself surrounded by feeding manatees; walk on a Calusa Indian shell mound, thousands of years old; or paddle with the tidal currents up a river to view endangered roseate spoonbills or small toothed sawfish.

You will meet your Florida Master Naturalist Guide at JT's Café and Gallery on Chokoloskee Island before your tour. With kayaks loaded on a trailer, follow your guide to your launch site, where the kayaks will be deployed and your tour will begin. Afterwards, you can enjoy the works of local artists at JT's Island Cafe and Gallery. The tours last approximately three hours. However, we ask that you budget about four hours of your day so that we are not rushed. Seating is limited, so advanced reservations are important.


Departure City

Marco Island or Everglades City (Chokoloskee).

Finishing City

Marco Island or Everglades City (Chokoloskee).

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Little Greenies

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Boat Assisted Kayak Ecotour

3 ½ - 4 Hours (with breaks)

$149.95 Per Adult; Kids Under 12 years old - 1/2 Price

Departs 9 am and 1:30 pm Daily

Custom and Private Tour Available

Mangrove Tunnel Kayak Ecotour

Great Trip for Families

Three Hours in Duration

$99.95 Per Adult; Kids Under 12 years old - $59.95

Departs 8:30 am and 1:00 pm Daily

Everglades National Park Kayak Ecotour

Limited to Ten Guests; Reservations are Important

Great for Families

3 hour is $99.95 Per Adult; Kids Under 12 - $59.95

3 hour Departs 8:30 am and 1:00 pm Daily

All prices exclude taxes. Senior discounts are available.

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