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Nicaragua is home to the most beautiful and bio-diverse habitats in Central America. On this tour you are accompanied by our best wildlife guides as we journey to the heart of Nicaragua's richest habitats. You are also given the unique opportunity to directly connect with the culture of Nicaragua and learn about the fascinating history of the country.


Your journey begins in Managua and takes you to Lake Nicaragua and the Los Guatuzos Reserve. Then, some boating to San Carlos and Nicaragua's richest and most precious wildlife zone, the Indio Maiz Biosphere reserve on the San Juan River. You'll also have a chance to explore the cloud forest volcano Mombacho near Granada before within the pristine cloud forests of the northern region of Jinotega after which you visit the beautiful colonial city of Granada and slopes of Mombacho volcano.


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Why Authentic Ecotourism?

The tour operator's mission is to take people on epic, unique and inspirational tours and expeditions to Nicaragua's most beautiful and untouched regions. A key part of the mission is to base all the operations on the key principles of sustainable tourism. Taking this further, they are implementing a tourism framework that empowers present and future generations to conserve Nicaragua's precious natural and cultural heritage. The vision is to create unique tours and expeditions in Nicaragua that are exciting and connect people firsthand with the diverse natural environment and rich culture of Nicaragua. The tours and expeditions are guided by knowledgeable local Nicaraguan guides that are charismatic, experienced and professional. Building on the drive towards sustainability and excellent customer service, the vision is also to implement and support: local guide training programs, environmental education projects, a reforestation project, forest conservation project and small-scale local conservation projects in the region, and in cooperation with likeminded partners.

Key Goals

  • To create a tourism network where multi-dimensional benefits are seen by Nicaragua, this means economic, cultural, environmental and social benefits.
  • To offer tours and expeditions that are guided by the best and most experienced guides available.
  • Through our tours and expeditions people will be taken on epic and unique adventures to Nicaragua’s most spectacular and remote locations. This is and will continue to be the key theme of green pathways.
  • To demonstrate and inspire sound environmental stewardship based on their Responsible Travel Guidebook and Responsible Travel Policy.
  • To ensure all our guides are fully trained in good customer service and safety and consistently apply them during tours.
  • To ensure our guides all provide high quality, up to date relavent information on environmental, social and economic responsibility related to Nicaragua and its people.
  • To annually build upon and expand theResponsible Travel Guidebook and Responsible Travel Policy.
  • From 2013 onwards, to annually have clear and transparent results from reforestation, forest conservation and local conservation programs that they are supporting.
  • To implement at least three capacity building programs per year for all staff.
  • To annually increase the number of tours, expeditions and services offered and to ensure that they are consistently striving to improve on every aspect of their work.
  • To annually increase the number of participants on their trips to Nicaragua, thus increasing the benefits brought to Nicaragua.
  • Fun. Life is fun and should always be fun no matter what! They are dedicated to enjoyment and they welcome you to come and join them.


Day 1 - Managua

A guide will meet you at the Managua Airport and transfer you to your hotel. The evening will be spent in Hotel Casa Naranja.

Day 2 - Los Guatuzos Reserve

There will be a midday domestic flight over Lake Nicaragua to the small town of San Carlos. From here, we will take a private boat to the Los Guatuzos Reserve. The evening will be spent in the Guatuzos Reserve Cabanas. Transport will consist of a 1 hour flight from Managua to San Carlos, 1 hour boat ride from San Carlos to Guatuzos Reserve. All meals are included.

Day 3 - Los Guatuzos Reserve

Today will be a full day in the reserve and on the River Papaturro, where we'll explore wildlife and go birding. The evening will be spent at the Guatuzos Reserve cabanas and all meals are included.

Day 4 - El Castillo

We'll return to San Carolos by boat and then go on to the San Juan River toward El Castillo, which is a small town sitting on the edge of a river. The town is overlooked by a castle built by the Spanish before the gold rush. This afternoon, we'll spend time exploring the castle and this quaint town. In the evening, we'll enjoy the fresh river lobster and shrimp dinner. The evening will be spent in Hotel Victoria. Transport will be a 1 hour boat ride to San Carlos followed by a 1 hour boat ride to El Castillo. All meals are included.

Day 5 - El Castillo

Today, we'll explore the Rio San Juan by boat and on foot to the agua frescas. We'll enjoy the lush jungle and wildlife of the Indio Maiz Reserve before returning to El Castillo for the evening. The evening will be spent at Hotel Victoria and all meals are included.

Day 6 - Granada

There will be a morning departure from El Castillo by boat to San Carlos for the 1pm flight back to Managua and then onwards to Granada. We'll have the evening to relax and enjoy the famous Calle Calzada and on of its many restaurants. The evening will be spent in Hotel con Corazon. Transport will be a 1.5 hour boat ride to San Carlos, 1 hour flight to Managua, and 1 hour drive to Granada. Breakfast and lunch will be included today.

Day 7 - Granada

There will be a morning tour of the cloud forest volcano Mombacho. Here you can choose to hike the gentle crater or hike the more challenging Puma. Lunch will be in Las Flores on a sustainable coffee farm followed by an afternoon relaxation in Granada. The evening will be spent in Hotel con Corazon. Transport will be a 30 min drive to Mombacho volcano and breakfast and lunch will be included.

Day 8 - Transfer to Managua

Transfer to Managua airport for departing flight

Departure City


Finishing City


Group Size

4 minimum


  • All Accommodation
  • All Transport
  • All breakfasts
  • Lunches and Evening meals on the days mentioned
  • All activities
  • Bi-lingual professional guide


Single Supplement Fee

$ 110 per person

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